Checklist for Submitting

  • Ensure the patient is within 90 days of being identified as having a Clinical Complete Response to Chemo-Radiotherapy and placed on a Watch & Wait pathway.
  • Hand patient the OnCoRe Patient Information Sheet and if possible, answer any questions the patient may have. If the patient is being consented remotely, please either e-mail or post the patient a copy of the information sheet and consent form after discussing the project with them via a telephone consultation.
  • If the patient is happy to proceed, request for two copies of the OnCoRe Patient Consent Form (one for submission with the data proforma & 1 patient copy) to be signed. If the patient is consenting remotely, please ask them to return a copy of the signed consent form for co-signing and filing.
  • Fill out the Complete Response Research Database Data Collection Proforma with all available information. This can be completed electronically (directly to the word document), or printed and by hand if preferred. Do not worry if all data items are not available, but the more available information, the better!
  • Scan & e-mail the completed proforma and signed consent form to Please file the original signed consent form in a secure site file

Thank you for taking the time to submit to the OnCoRe Research Database